Uncoated Papers                                                                Coated Papers

Cotton Papers                                                                       Digitally Approved/Digital Sized

Mixed Fibre Papers                                                            Technical Papers

FSC and Recycled Papers                                                Luxury Packaging


As part of our mission to promote the highest quality paper products and to promoting environmental security, PW works with some of the world's biggest names in the conventional paper industry. Each of these companies has come to dominate the market by targeting a specific niche and by creating a unique portfolio of products that tailor to the needs of the consumer. 

Cast Coated Paper and Board                                              Grey Board                                             

Art Paper & Board - Matt & Gloss                                      Color Printing Paper                

Folding Box Board (Food Grade)                                          Uncoated Woodfree                

Sticker Paper                                                                            Thermal Paper

Bristol Board                                                                             NCR

Multi Purpose Paper  /Photocopy Paper                          Bible/Quran Paper