Monadnock Paper Mills wins the 12th Manufacturing Leadership ‘Sustainability Leadership Award’ for its Envi Card Stock product.

Made from wood fiber, Envi Card Stock is an environmentally preferable replacement for plastics and PVC materials often used in retail gift card. The product is durable and prints crisply using standard offset printing techniques. Envi Card Stock is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified and tested to be repulpable/recyclable, and can simply be tossed into the mixed bin after use.

Just like plastic gift cards, paper-based cards are flexible enough to bend and durable enough to withstand a washing machine cycle. In fact, Monadnock has had no reported failures of its more than 200 million paper gift cards on the market today.

About Monadnock Paper Mills
Monadnock Paper Mills (MPM) provides and custom engineers a diverse range of products including technical/specialty papers, and premium printing and packaging papers for leading brands worldwide. The company’s ENVIPortfolio® of products features fiber-based solutions that replace plastic for uses such as gift cards and tags. Its technical papers are used in medical and pharmaceutical packaging, construction, interior design, manufacturing and other specialty applications and markets.

Papers Worldwide are the exclusive distributors for Monadnock Papers in India and the Sub Continent, Africa & Middle East.