The NEO Collection

Introducing Papers Worldwide's newest product range: The NEO Collection. The new swatch book features the finest coated specialty papers from Moorim Papers, ranging from traditional rough gloss textures to eggshell and linen finishes.

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Neenah Paper has relaunched the Classic Paper Collection to include 8 brand new colors and a 2 brand new textures called Classic TechWeave and Classic WoodGrain! All of these products will soon be available. For more information contact your nearest Sales Office to find our more...


Mr. Vikramjeet Singh Judge, Chairman of Papers Worldwide, was recently interviewed by PrintWeek Magazine Middle East about our new line of pre-cut Digitally Approved Specialty Papers and our upcoming launch of Neenah Luxury Packaging Materials.

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Renoir Paper has been voted the Paper of the Year (2016) by PrintWeek India!!!! The rough gloss revolution is alive and well. Contact your nearest Papers Worldwide branch to benefit from all that Renoir has to offer!!!






AREA SALES MANAGER, UAE - This is a SALES, CUSTOMER SERVICE  job based in UAE. If you have local printing and paper industry experience and knowledge, if you like working with people and can provide good customer relations and after sales service to industries like printing presses, hospitality, corporate and government companies located in UAE, then come JOIN US!  

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Papers Worldwide (PWW) are the pioneers & leaders in distribution of PAPER. Mills like Neenah, Moorim, Monadnock’s premium speciality and commodity papers work with us. We lead the field in FSC, 100% recycled, carbon neutral and eco friendly papers in the Middle East, Levant, India and Africa.

Today, more than 300,000 customers — from printers, resellers, govt. companies, communication agencies - in more than 40 countries rely on PWW products & services and our huge portfolio of FSC, Eco Friendly, Carbon Neutral & Recycled Fine Papers. Papers Worldwide also deals in conventional papers like art paper, food board etc through a Stock n Sale operation in India, Nigeria and UAE.

As one of the biggest fine paper distributors in the world, we welcome enquiries for fine, eco friendly and recycled papers for stationery, marketing collateral, packaging, brochures, hospitality collateral etc through our offices in the Middle East, Nigeria and India.

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Monadnock Paper Mills wins the 12th Manufacturing Leadership ‘Sustainability Leadership Award’ for its Envi Card Stock product.

Made from wood fiber, Envi Card Stock is an environmentally preferable replacement for plastics and PVC materials often used in retail gift card. The product is durable and prints crisply using standard offset printing techniques. Envi Card Stock is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified and tested to be repulpable/recyclable, and can simply be tossed into the mixed bin after use.

Just like plastic gift cards, paper-based cards are flexible enough to bend and durable enough to withstand a washing machine cycle. In fact, Monadnock has had no reported failures of its more than 200 million paper gift cards on the market today.

About Monadnock Paper Mills
Monadnock Paper Mills (MPM) provides and custom engineers a diverse range of products including technical/specialty papers, and premium printing and packaging papers for leading brands worldwide. The company’s ENVIPortfolio® of products features fiber-based solutions that replace plastic for uses such as gift cards and tags. Its technical papers are used in medical and pharmaceutical packaging, construction, interior design, manufacturing and other specialty applications and markets.

Papers Worldwide are the exclusive distributors for Monadnock Papers in India and the Sub Continent, Africa & Middle East.

Neenah Paper Acquires FiberMark

Neenah Paper has completed its procurement of FiberMark, a global paper leader in the development of performance boards, covering solutions, luxury packaging, technical, security based and print media markets. FiberMark's speciality is not solely based in luxury paper products but is a market pioneer in fibre-based covering materials. 

With Neenah's acquisition of FiberMark complete, we at Papers Worldwide are ecstatic to extend our partnership to include FiberMark and we look forward to supplying our customers with the best that FiberMark has to offer all the while attaining the coveted 'FiberMark Advantage' that has come be synonymous with their high quality and breathtaking products.

For more information about FiberMark and its products, contact your nearest branch or check out some of the links below. 


Papers Worldwide has extended its portfolio to include an incredible new product:

Zahra is a 100% recycled A4 copier paper and it is the first ever copier paper to be marketed specifically toward the Middle Eastern community. 

Papers Worldwide x Kingfisher

We are proud to announce that Papers Worldwide has been specked for the official 2016 Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar. Who said paper can't be sexy? 

Congratulations to PW India Team. 



For Papers Worldwide, 2015 was a jam-packed year filled with excitement and aggressive growth. We continued to push the envelope and continued to promote our message of eco-friendly corporate consciousness all the while . Last year, we set the stage, now its time for us to take it to the next level in 2016.  

  • PW India started 2015 with a bang, opening two new offices in New Delhi & Mumbai. 
  • In the Middle East, PW launched its very own brand of recycled, eco-friendly copier paper named Zahra. Moreover, PW has launched its own brand of laid, aptly called Worldwide Laid. 
  • PW has also tied with two veteran Indian paper suppliers to add to our range of products. Get in touch to find out if our new products meet your eye. 
  • PW UAE also debuted their Commodity Stock & Sale Operations, whilst PW India began its Commodity Indenting Program
  • 2015 was also the year in which PW broke major ground in the development of our new Group Headquarters and Master Warehousing Facility in the International Media & Production Zone (IMPZ) right here in Dubai. Stay tuned for updates on our progress.
  • And last, but not least, 2015 was the year that Papers Worldwide was named amongst the top 100 Small & Medium Enterprises (SME's) in Dubai by the Department of Economic Development and the Dubai Government. 

2015 was a fantastic year for the company and we want to thank all of our staff for making for their hard work and dedication. Together, we aim to make 2016 an even better year. 

Dubai SME 100 Award Recipient Speech

The award speech made by Papers Worldwide Chairman, Mr. Vikramjeet Singh Judge during the Dubai SME 100 Awards Ceremony. Once again, congratulations to the entire PW Group and thank you for all your hard work and dedication to excellence. 

Papers Worldwide named among Top 100 SMEs in Dubai.

Today, Papers Worldwide has been ranked 38th among the Top 100 SMEs in Dubai by the Department of Economic Development and the Dubai Government. Congratulations to the entire Papers Worldwide and thank you for your hard work and dedication. 




There are times when you’re discussing green design with your colleagues and although you’d like to keep up with your environmentalist friends, you don’t quite recognize all of the terms being used. You’re not alone.

The design lexicon is full of green words and phrases. To help those of us who may not understand all of them yet, we’ve put together the following glossary:

Alternative Energy: Energy derived from sources that have little or no impact on the environment and produce no net greenhouse gas emissions in generating electricity. Such sources include wind, solar, low-impact hydro and biomass. 

Carbon Footprint: An estimate of an individual or organization’s impact on the environment. Usually measured in terms of greenhouse gases produced or emitted. 

Carbon Neutral: Producing zero net greenhouse gas emissions. This is done either by using renewable energy sources, which produce no net greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy efficiency or by Carbon Offsetting via carbon credits.

Carbon Offsetting: The practice of engaging in or sponsoring of projects to nullify or “offset” greenhouse gases emitted. This can include such practices as planting trees and is often done via third party through purchase of carbon offsets. Offsetting is sometimes criticized as it does not require companies to actually reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. 

Fossil Fuels: Fuels including methane, petroleum, coal and natural gas, which are derived from fossil matter. Burning fossil fuels creates greenhouse gases, which are a factor in global warming. 

FSC Pure (100%): Guaranteed as made only with virgin fiber that comes from a forest certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The certification process verifies that forests are well managed and ensures the replanting and reforesting of trees that are crucial to preventing climate change, combating air pollution and maintaining forest biodiversity. 

FSC Mixed Sources: Papers made with FSC certified mixed sources contain FSC certified virgin fiber along with FSC controlled fiber and/or post consumer content. 

FSC Recycled: Papers made with post consumer content that is certified by FSC as being from controlled sources. 

Greenhouse Gases: Atmospheric gases that create the “greenhouse effect” that makes the planet inhabitable, including water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone. Increases in carbon dioxide, ozone and methane caused in part by the burning of fossil fuels, industry and emissions are considered to be factors in global warming. 

Green-e Certified (Renewable Energy): Green-e is the nation's leading independent consumer protection program for the sale of renewable energy and greenhouse gas reductions in the retail market. Green-e offers certification and verification of renewable energy. 

Post Consumer Fiber: Paper that has reached its intended end-user and then discarded. (PCF or PCW)

Sustainable: Indefinitely viable, capable of maintaining productivity or usefulness in the long term. Sustainable design, graphic or otherwise, seeks to reduce impacts on the environment by relying on the use of renewable resources, among other measures. 

Recycled or post consumer fibre – This is the real recycled paper whose fibre comes from paper utilised by consumers and then discarded. Not to be confused with Recyclable.

These are some of the most commonly used environmental terms, and the green vocabulary is continually expanding. Refer to this article occasionally to brush up on your greenspeak, and soon enough, you’ll be able to offset your carbon footprint with the best of 'em.

Luxury Packaging.

From the first sketch to the final fold, your brand packaging needs to be as premium and perfect as the product within. Neenah Packaging provides collaborative idea generation, personalized and hands-on consultation, and knowledgeable support throughout the packaging process. For over 140 years we have worked with some of the worlds' most renowned brands to create extraordinary packaging for labels, box wrap, gift cards and gift card carriers, bags, tags, folding board and more. You'll notice the difference, and so will your consumers. 


In the words of the incomparable Bob Dylan, The Times are A-Changing. 

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Everyday innovation and new idea are transforming the global landscape. Creative destruction is an inevitable part of life, just as is change. We often fight or delay the urge to change and to adapt but at some point we all have to. The old website was one filled with love and represented a great many things to the people of Papers Worldwide and to those that visited it. Yet we had to move on. We hope you will come to embrace and frequent this website the way you did the old one. 

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