Paris Fashion Week is the highlight of the calendar year for the global fashion industry. And ever so often there comes a designer that simply changes the game. Changes the way we perceive fashion. And that design will be in every window, in every major store in the world. Consider Papers Worldwide to be that store and Neenah Paper to be that designer.  

Since its inception in 1873, Neenah Paper has fast become the market leader in the global specialty paper industry, whose products range from premium writing, text, cover, papers to digital packing solutions. Neenah Paper has dedicated themselves to developing sustainable eco-practices that consistently produce high quality recycled and alternative fiber products. Through cutting edge mechanical innovation and strategic acquisition of other valuable brands, Neenah Papers not only defines itself as a leading eco-friendly corporation but also as a veritable paper titan. Together, PW and Neenah work to expand the green message across the fine paper world. PW is the exclusive distributor for Neenah Papers for the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent and Africa, including Turkey and Egypt.


With each coming day, technology is becoming more advanced and with that fact comes a harsh reality. That what was once present can quickly become the past. Technology and constant innovation has catalysed a seamless exchange between the past and present. Moorim Paper has come to embrace technological change in paper production and has integrated it into half a century of production expertise, thereby expanding their very efficient range of superb art paper into brilliantly textured, high bulk, coated speciality paper. All the while maintaining a forward looking green ethos. Papers Worldwide and Moorim Papers see eye to eye both technologically and environmentally, and as such, PW is the exclusive distributor of Moorim Papers in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent.


Henry David Thoreau once wrote about a lone mountain named Monadnock abound a sea of green in the American state of New Hampshire. He said: 

         With frontier strength ye stand your guard, With grand content ye circle round, Tumultuous silence for all sound,

         Firm argument that never stirs, Outcircling the philosophers, 

         Through winter's cold and summer's heat; Still holding on upon your high emprise, Until ye find a shore amid the skies...

In the Red Indian language, Monadnock means the one that stands alone. It stands tall, steadfast and apart.

This is the other; Monadnock Paper. Another that stands strong, resolute and unwavering. MPM is a maverick, like its namesake, but this one a leader amongst those of the technical specialty paper industry. Founded in 1819, Monadnock Paper Mills has become a silent yet respected powerhouse, whose products have penetrated the farthest recesses of the specialty and technical paper industry. They are market leaders in technical fine papers and security based papers, such as tags, dedicating themselves to the idea of harnessing technology to create paper that are inherently superior. Monadnock truly sets itself apart from its competition, like the environment in which its namesake resides. At Papers Worldwide, we all believe that MPM has lived up to its name and we believe that they need not stand alone anymore and therefore we stand with MPM as their exclusive distributor.


More than 200 years ago, Stephen Crane decided to make a statement. And it wasn't with his fashion forward breeches or well-groomed mutton chops. It was, rather, with a paper mills he opened in 1770. Maybe its the charm of crisp cotton, or perhaps it's the impeccable taste and style that makes Crane & Co. so special. In any case, its no wonder that the United States Federal Reserve is fond of Crane paper. I mean you ever wondered my the US Dollar bill feels great? And what of the Queen Mother? She announced her 100th birthday celebration on Crane paper. The simple elegance of cotton papers has long made Crane the paper of choice for engraved wedding invitations, personalised stationery, correspondence and thank you cards since time immemorial. 

 So make you own history, come try Crane toady. We are pleased to say that PW has tied up with Crane & Co. in an exclusive agreement to market their dreamlike and historic products.


For hundreds of years, Spain as a nation, has produced some of the greatest artists in the world. Picasso, Dali, Goya are just some of the artists that redefined the our conception of art. They had an undeniable ability to bring a canvas to life. And when one admires their art, they are overcome with an overwhelming urge to touch the canvas, to feel what they felt and to relish in that emotion. Today, we all want to revel amongst beauty. J. Vilaseca and its paper gives us that chance. The written word, and the faint touch of the brush are simply magnified by the sublime crispness and texture of Vilaseca papers. Why not feel what Dali felt? Why not capture your emotions upon the flatbed of imagination? 

We at Papers Worldwide want you to see what we see and to feel what we feel. Let the artist within you be your guide and let J.Vilaseca Paper set your imagination free. PW is the exclusive distributors of Vilaseca in the Middle East and Africa.

Asia pulp & paper (indonesia & china)

In the world of paper, no one can deny the presence of APP. As one of the two largest pulp and paper production companies in the world, it is a bonafide juggernaut who has lived its belief of ‘tradition and modernity go hand in hand’ everyday since 1972. Today APP's products are available in 120 countries across six continents, tomorrow sky is the limit. By achieving economies of scale unheard of in any market, APP has been able to penetrate product segments ranging from writing and printing paper, specialty paper, tissue, packaging and stationery products with a high degree of success. PW is proud to be a part of APP's trusted distribution network across the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa. 

international paper (india)

International Paper began in 1898 and is the largest paper corporation in the world. A global leader in paper and packaging industry IP sets the bar for most paper companies in terms of product quality and uniform pricing. Totally focused on the production of office and uncoated woodfree papers, industrial and consumer packaging, container board as well as coated and uncoated paperboard. As preferred partners, PW distributes conventional paper grades manufactured by IP.