A global paper company with a green conscience. We distribute, convert, stock, sell and indent a comprehensive portfolio of high quality specialty fine and commodity papers. Our portfolio includes a large variety of paper grades, from cotton and high quality fine paper to multi purpose office paper, Kraft to FBB. Headquartered in the UAE, we operate through our branches, distributors and agents across the major metros in the Indian Subcontinent, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Middle East and Africa. Green to the core and FSC® certified, we specialise in environmentally friendly papers that are recycled, FSC approved, carbon neutral, chlorine and acid free and made using green energy. 

Delighted to be working with several world class paper mills across the world, PW has set the benchmark for a definitive international paper company. Our team of multinational and multilingual individuals who provide on-time logistics, efficient and dependable customer centric service are our pride.

It is our belief that our success is only limited by our imagination.

Papers Worldwide - We love paper!